US Dispatch is a professionally managed truck dispatching company that creates new technologically and financially advantageous solutions to trucking transportation needs.

US Dispatch is revolutionizing dispatching industry by becoming, first of its kind, centralized dispatching service provider. All our dispatchers are trained in our own School of Dispatch, a highly competitive training program, and only qualified professionals are selected to stay with the company.
Our proprietary software is a unique tool developed specifically to increase our dispatching capabilities and to ease communication for all parties involved in the process. Due to our innovations US Dispatch is well positions to exponentially increase efficiency and bring our services to the highest level.
US Dispatch is a one stop shop for all trucking needs, that means that we are happy to offer basic dispatching services as well as additional services to all our customers.
Due to our dedication to this business and investment into physical and human capital we are able to offer our services at highly competitive rates. Sign up with us today and see the difference that US Dispatch can bring to your business.


Our professional dispatchers are standing by to deliver the highest level of dispatching services in the industry.
US Dispatch is unique in its systematic approach to our services. Our dispatchers work in managed teams and are trained to handle all your trucking transportation needs.We work at our highest capacity to provide the most efficient dispatching services at a fraction of a market price.


US Dispatch established a special training program that allows us to train and handpick only highly qualified dispatchers.
US Dispatch is the first company in the world to set up its own, proprietary dispatching school. All our dispatches go through vigorous training and adhere to the highest professional standards. Only the best candidates are selected for permanent positions at the company.


US Dispatch developed a proprietary software that allows our staff to perform simultaneous dispatching of a large number of trucks owned by different transport companies.
Our proprietary US Dispatch software connects all parties involved in the transportation of the cargo, minimizes the amount of paperwork involved and allows us to service our clients on a larger scale. With this new and unique technology we are able to provide a new level of service and brings savings to all our clients.


US Dispatch prides itself on the services it provides. Our name stands for efficiently, professionalism, cost cutting and savings delivered to all our customers.
Due to high quality of our dispatching services the total efficiency of our service increases exponentially, allowing us to take on more clients per dispatcher and offer our clients significantly lower rates compared to the market. We believe that with US Dispatch you will maximize your profit margin.
Our basic US Dispatch service package includes the following:
  • A tablet loaded with software
  • Dispatching services
  • Providing real-time information on truck location
  • Keeping cargo log archives
  • Providing¬†information for IFTA calculation
  • Support of invoicing and billing

    US Dispatch is excited to offer additional services to all our clients at a fraction of a market price.
  • Factoring Services
  • Insurance
  • Leasing Services
  • Legal Support
  • Maintenance
  • Tire Supply and Replacement
    US Dispatch works side by side with truck drivers to make their work more efficient, profitable and hassle free. We are there to assist you in your journey and address any needs you might have as you cover your routes.

    US Dispatching is partnering with owner operators to help them with logistics, revenue optimization and management of their trucking company. Our dispatchers are standing by around the clock to address your transportation needs in the most professional and efficient manner.

    US Dispatch is looking forward to our partnership with you! We are ready to dispatch any type of load to any location in the US with a minimal costs.
    US Dispatch guaranteed high quality dispatching service to all our customers. Working with us will enable you to minimize your internal cost, increase efficiency and maximize the earning potential. US Dispatch is your remote office with capabilities of a large dispatching service provider.

    Average dispatcher
    US Dispatch difference
    US Dispatch
    Number of trucks
    Dispatchers you need:*
    Number of miles per annum
    Total number of miles
    Deadhead miles**
    Rate for a mile
    Salary of all dispatchers***
    Office rental
    Office Misc. Expenses
    US Dispatch service cost****
    Variable truck expenses*****

    * 1 dispatcher can serve 6 cars
    ** Deadhead miles here do not take a part in calculating, it is showing US Dispatch advantages and was taken as 10% of total miles
    *** 1 dispatcher's salary is $55,000
    **** 6% of Net Profit
    ***** Approximately $1.312 for a mile
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